Janice’s Testimony

I am the third of four children, and around my fourth birthday a man  from First Bible Baptist Church came to my parent’s home asking if the  children could ride the bus to church on Sunday mornings. We did, and  after only a few weeks my mom began attending with us. Our family  fell in love with church, the Bible and Jesus. When I was 7 years old, I  went to the altar after a Wednesday night service and by faith asked the  Lord to forgive my sins and save my soul. I thoroughly enjoyed church  and attended every service possible. I excelled in AWANA clubs and  any activity or ministry the church offered. I attended public school, and the Lord was so good in keeping me out of so much of what the world had to offer.

And then I got a job my senior year of high school.

I fell to the temptation of earning money in lieu of attending church and that habit was a shaky foundation for going to an out-of-town college. Spiritually and socially there were some bad decisions made on my part, but the Lord is so faithful to keep his own and would not let me continue on that path. After graduation I returned to Rochester, NY, and again began attending FBBC regularly. That first summer after college was life changing. I had a dating relationship with an unsaved man from college who also moved to Rochester. His change came after many discussions, meetings with older friends in the faith, and not a few tears. He got saved! Prior to salvation he was very dedicated to his religion, and that dedication translated into a sincere desire to learn all he could of God and the Bible. His faith grew quickly and deep. My life change was when I realized that this was the man I would marry. It was his new passion for the Word that brought revival to me, and after we were married we looked for any opportunity to serve the Lord as a couple.

We served in the choir, as counselors in the teen ministry, hosted home Bible studies, and worked in the nurseries and athletic ministries. It was also early in our marriage we began prayerfully and financially supporting missionaries.

After years of marriage and 5 children, the Lord changed the direction of our family. While we were fully on board with supporting missions, I had never thought about the Lord asking us to go. When my husband was on a trip to Zambia, Africa, in 2005, the Lord gave me a desire and a true peace about serving as foreign field missionaries, and shortly after his return our church had its annual missions conference. I vividly remember during one service as the offering plate was handed to me, the Lord made it so clear it was not only my prayers and pennies he wanted; it was my person. By faith I placed myself in the plate as it was passed. It was a pivotal moment in my walk with the Lord.

Since then, the Lord has brought us to the field of Zambia, Africa, where I am involved in teaching ladies, as well as discipling several young girls.  We are encouraged by what the Lord has already done in our lives, and excited to follow where he will lead us in the future.