2016-9 August/September Update

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Greetings from Chipata, Zambia!

We want to thank everyone for their continued prayers and support! We have seen many transformed lives and decisions for Christ as a result of your sacrifice, as well as the completion of some special projects!

  • Big Tree BBC held their own week long family conference taught by Pastor Andrew Jere and one of their leaders. It was very well attended.
  • We are all looking forward to the 4 yr. anniversary at Big Tree. Everyone will pitch in something towards the celebration as we rejoice in what the Lord has done.
  • Weekly Bible study at Ben Jere village continues to go strong. They are learning the Scriptures that contain the answers to their daily life challenges.
  • Assisted the village of Ben Jere to have their bore hole pump replaced. It has been several months with out clean water. They had been sharing a shallow well with the cattle and goats.
  • Visited Bible Baptist Church of Msikera. My last visit there was in 2006, and it was wonderful to see several of those men still there! I will begin weekly Bible teaching at Msikera to help deepen their knowledge of the Scriptures and strengthen their personal walk with the Lord.
  • The closest school to Big Tree is Chizukwe Primary.  We were able to assist them with materials for window and door frames, as well as black boards and cement floors for three additional class rooms. Prior to this they had only two classrooms. With 350 students it has been a challenge to say the least. They still need additional latrines. Please pray for these community schools and the challenges they face.
 It was great to have our son, Micah, with us for July and August! We also hosted Larry Waye and Justin Bedwell from DBC and Community Fellowship in Alabama. They taught several sessions on personal sanctification, and they were the workforce for the clinic kitchen. What an amazing team!

As missionaries, our primary focus is spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and making disciples for his honor and glory. We do this through teaching Bible doctrines and discipleship training that will ground them in their faith.

However, living in one of the poorest nations in the world, we are constantly faced with challenges that not only complicate daily life and health for everyone around, but also hinder their ability to fully comprehend the Gospel message. Illiteracy is rampant.

  • AIDS and HIV are on the rise.
  • Cholera and Giardia outbreaks are becoming more common
  • Child and new mother mortality rates are alarmingly high; as many as 1 in 5 die!

While we aren’t a humanitarian organization, the Lord has given us many opportunities to help in some of the nearby villages. We regularly meet people who thank us for helping with their school, or the maternity clinic, or with getting a supply of fresh water. It is because of the generous gifts, support, and hands-on help from our faithful senders like you! Thank You for helping to improve the quality of life in Chipata, and also earning us the opportunity and privilege to reach these people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Please continue to pray as we follow the Lord’s leading in these areas!


Chinunda Rural Health Clinic
This is the newly finished semi-enclosed kitchen for protection from wind, rain and animals!  We are also assisting in completing 5 new latrines to replace the previous ones. There were only two, and they are now unusable.


 Interested in a Missions Trip?

It is a privilege to host teams and individuals for short or long term on the field here in Chipata. If you have questions, or feel the Lord leading you to the mission field, we would be more than glad to talk about some future opportunities here in Africa!

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