2016 April May Update

2016 April May Update (Click for PDF)

Greetings from Chipata!

These last few months we have had so many openly answered prayers that we can only abundantly praise the Lord!

I have finished a fifteen week leadership course at Big Tree and continue to be encouraged by the maturing of several men. I will begin to utilize them in several teaching opportunities and continue to guide and train them as they grow in Christ. The ministry at Big Tree continues to thrive. Pastor Andrew Jere is taking a very active and proactive role as their spiritual leader in teaching, preaching, counseling and visitation. HIs wife, Anastasia, had become quite ill and we had to rush her to the General Hospital in town where they did their best to treat her. After several months she nearly fully recovered, but is still quite bothered with frequent headaches. Please continue to pray for them and the church at Big Tree.

We had a wonderful visit from several of the leaders from the Kafulafuta Baptist Mission. We met to plan a way forward for the Kingdom of God in this Eastern Provence. Over the next few months, there are plans for teaching in several areas to help ground others in the Word of God. We ask for your prayers for teaveling mercies, wisdom and God’s power as I work these trips into our schedule.

Visitors, Visitors and More Visitors!!

nic and Jalo

Nicole and The Jalowiecs

We are blessed to have Nicole Smith from Decatur, AL, here to help minister to the children at Big Tree as well the young ladies here in town, and also volunteering at a local Missionary Christian school. She will be returning to the States in mid June after a six week stay. Next week we also welcome another dear family who will help us for several weeks. Our son, Micah, will be graduating High School and Welding School at the end of June, and will arrive here the first week of July. We are thrilled to have our son with us for several weeks! He provides great joy and excitement both at home as well as wherever we are ministering!

The trial of our stolen money has finally ended and the hand of God has been exceeding, abundant, and above all we could ask or think! Through a series of events that only God could orchestrate, I was lead to the home of the suspect in custody (who had maintained all along that he was living homeless) where I found many of our stolen belongings. After a rather sleepless night in prayer, I returned to his home with the police and I dug up the dirt floor, where I unearthed two containers of our stolen money along with receipts from currency exchangers. We praise the Lord for all of you who have given us extra assistance throughout this time and rejoice that the truth of the Lord always wins in the end.The trial has concluded, and we just now have access to the recovered goods and funds. PRAISE THE LORD!

Sincerely and with grateful hearts,

Dan, Janice and Savannah Jalowiec

Missionaries to Zambia Africa

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