2016 June/July Update

2016-8 June July Update to Print

Greetings from Chipata!

Today is Zambian Election Day! There has been alot of talk and many warnings given to us as ExPats to avoid campaign colors, avoid crowds, and be cautious. Please join us as we pray for Zambia!

Big tree hosted a “Movie Night” at the church complete with popcorn! We have a small generator for power, and first showed several “Home videos” we have made of the church events of late. Baptism, children’s presentations, and ladies Bible studies were some of the features! They LOVED watching themselves on The Big Screen! Don’t we all? We then showed “The Jesus Film” in ChiChewa. It was a great turnout as many were invited from all around! Pastor Jere then gave an invitation to respond to the message. What a blessing!

In June, we said Goodbye to Nicole, and Hello to the Wolfe Family from KC, MO! With them, we made the journey to Livingstone, Zambia, and what a beautiful sight! Traveling takes on a whole new meaning here, and we are thankful for the thousands of Km that were driven safely! On the way back to Chipata, we got Micah in Lusaka! We have loved having our youngest son with us again for a while! He has graduated high school and also Welding school. We are very proud of him!

In July, we hosted two men from a supporting church in GA. It was a great time of fellowship, conversation, and brainstorming for the ministry! We have been so blessed with good people coming along side us and visiting the field!

I continue to pray for the Lord to direct the next steps in ministry. There are villages all around that desperately need solid Biblical teaching, and I have open doors to several schools. There is a group of men here in town that are eager to meet regularly for a doctrinal Bible study. Something very exciting as well is I have been extended an OPEN invitation from Chief Mnukwa to regularly teach the headmen of his villages. This is the similar position to a Town Mayor! This is a huge opportunity! Please pray for us to focus on what the Lord would have as the Best use of our time and resources!

Thank you so much for your continued prayers, emails, texts, and interest in the ministry here in Chipata! We remain encouraged and diligent to the task of Reaching Zambia for Christ!


• The blessing of several visitors coming to partner with us here on the field.

• Micah visiting with us for several weeks!

• Safety while traveling many thousand Km

• Progress with Savannah’s braces as well as Janice getting a painful tooth problem resolved. There still are steps to go through, but the pain is gone!

• Our health has been great!
• Our children in the states and

their marriages. They have or will soon celebrate their One Year Anniversaries. We praise the Lord for his grace in their lives!

Prayer Needs

• Zambian Elections
• Please continue to Pray for Big

Tree BC and Pastor Jere.
• We have a Work Team coming

this week. We will also be having a two day conference and mini VBS at Big Tree. Many people from the area have been invited to attend. Pray we se much fruit for the Lord!

• We will be traveling for several days at the end of August.

• While in Malawi, Dan will see a orthopedist to determine what to do about pain in his right knee. Thankfully there is an excellent facility about 7 hours drive away! In African Terms… that is CLOSE!

Sincerely and with grateful hearts,

Dan, Janice and Savannah Jalowiec

Missionaries to Zambia Africa

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