January-March 2017 Update

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Greetings in the Precious name of Christ!

We want to share with you the many things the Lord is doing here in Chipata, but words would fail to tell it all! We have been encouraged and challenged these past few months!

Big Tree Bible Church continues to do well under the leadership of Pastor Andrew Jere. My work in this village is far from over, and I continue to meet with them on Fridays, as well as some Sundays for church services. Continue to pray for this church, that the Lord would grow them into mature and sanctified followers of Christ!

There are three other works that I regularly teach at, and we pray the Lord would continue to grow these people, and raise up a man to pastor each work. FBBC at Msekera has several faithful members and are meeting twice each week.

The Bible Study in Kaulembe continues to have a good core group of learners, and we recently went to church service with them this past Sunday.

The newest Bible Study outreach at the villages of Agrippa and Chilembika is so very encouraging to me! We recently explained the memorization plan to earn their own Bible, as well as a hymnal, and they left excited to begin memorizing. We were given a small piece of land to meet at, and the men have been going door to door inviting others to come.  They have also taken it upon themselves to meet as a group on their own to go over the previous weeks lesson verse by verse. That kind of passion is hard to teach, but very infectious, and we are thrilled! Ministering at four works regularly each week has stretched me physically, mentally and spiritually, and I thank God for continuing to be my strength!

We have been without the Land Cruiser for over three weeks due to extensive repairs. This vehicle, affectionately called “Beast”, is 13 years old with well over 360,000 km on it, and is truly the work horse of our ministry. We are really missing it! Parts aren’t readily available so it has taken much longer than expected and they have been sourced from Malawi, Lusaka and Kitwe. We hope to have it finished in the next week. Of course living in Zambia we should expect these time delays in repairs, but each time, it still seems to take us back!

We have included a link to a 2 minute video update, and we hope you click it and enjoy seeing a quick look into some of the lives YOU have had a part in reaching for Christ! https://youtu.be/FyobQa5_DRE

Stateside Furlough!

We are planning a furlough beginning in  April 2018. We will be available to visit many of our supporting churches, and if you would like us to come to your church, please let us know! The email and telephone number at the bottom of this update is correct, and the quickest way to connect with us! We look forward to seeing as many of our supporting churches as time will allow!

Prayer Needs

A team of 12 will be coming in July. We have several things planned for this team which means it needs a lot of prep and prayer time!

Savannah has been “unwell” for several months. Pray we can find a resolution to this ongoing situation.

Pray for the Zambian Nationals that minister with us, specifically the Gwese and Zulu families.

Thank you for your friendship, faithful prayers and financial support!

Serving Christ with Joy,

Dan, Janice and Savannah Jalowiec

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