The Country

Zambia is a country in south central Africa with a population of 13.4 million people. The average age is 16 years old and the life expectancy is less than fifty years old. Over one half of the population is under fifteen years old and it is estimated that in Zambia alone there are over one million orphans. Unemployment hovers around 50%, and the average income is less than $2.oo/day.

Its climate is tropical with a short rainy season as well as times of severe drought. Temperatures range from the forties and fifties at night in the winter months to 100 – 125 degrees f. in the day during the summer season.

It has limited fresh water supply due to chemical run off, acid rain and little or no sanitation infrastructure. It also has poor air quality due to wild fires, trash burning and automobiles.

The people of Zambia are a deeply religious people who trust in many indigenous  beliefs that cause the spread of aids as well as other STD’s. Many are practicing Muslims and Hindus with a mix of other non-Christian beliefs. Many die every day from malnutrition, dysentery or malaria. Although Zambia is considered a “Christian Nation”, the truth is that it is steeped in tribal spiritism mixed with other belief systems.

While they have great physical needs for clean water, food, and medicine, their greatest need is to be reached with the saving power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. All of these statistics can paint a bleak picture, but the Zambian people are wealthy in hospitality and have a perseverant spirit. They know the sad realities they face every day and are nonetheless joyful to be around. I have been blessed every time I go to Zambia, and I am excited for the day the Lord will allow our family to live there. The truth of the Gospel will effect change in this country, both TODAY and into ETERNITY!